The enviro-ONE is a must have for monitoring a temperature controlled environment, such as medical & pharmaceutical fridge, cold storage or clean room.

Using accurate dual digital sensors to continuously measure and record the temperatures, real time programmable alerts are generated for alarm conditions such as minimum and maximum permissible temperatures, and the interruption of power supply to the fridge/cold room.

The enviro-ONE features a bright colour coded LED light ring which gives instant visual verification at a distance of up to 30 metres away. A built-in OLED screen display allows for quick manual verification of status. The enviro-ONE also reads and records the external ambient temperature in it's environment.

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Too cold? Too hot? Power failure? Quick visualisation from up to 30m away

Status Visualisation
enviro-ONE dashboard
Realtime Data in your Dashboard

Hardware Features:

  • Housing 3D printed from environmentally safe bio-plastic
  • Install yourself in minutes - No special tools needed
  • Accurate digital sensors continously record temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
  • Sigfox radio (coverage dependant) or WiFi to cloud server
  • 8 hour battery backup in case of power failure
  • SMS/Push notification alerts to your cellular phone
  • Indicates under/over temperature or humidity status
  • Indication & Alert notification of AC main power supply failure
  • Real time data accessible via secure browser on password protected cloud server
  • Reporting functions for documenting regulatory compliance

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